All The Things Wrong With This World

Some things just make no sense.


Love Is Everything

Me as a hopeless romantic girl I believe in everything in love.


Dear Future Soulmate

I'm in love with someone I've never met ...


Everything Happens for a Reason

Sad love story. Warning: language.

storee bloomire

It Hurts-Stealing on Storee

Just so you all know. Please read. Putting this in every main tag section. Check your work.


"Be Yourself & Love Each Other : Be Positive." - Sophat Chann

Love (Core) > Be Yourself (First) and Love Each Other(Second): Be Positive(Third)

storee sophatchann

I Can't Believe You're Mine

Cute love story set in autumn. Fiction.

storee bloomire

Your Favourite Mistake

tell me, my love that I'm your sweet pain, your favourite mistake.

storee bloomire

Little Wishes

All the little wishes i have for you and me.


The Moon, Stars, and Crossroads

A collaboration of forty-two on interconnecting thoughts, emotions, and journeys! Enjoy!


Don't Let Me Fall In Love With You

In which each click makes the narrator fall deeper in love with you and closer to the end of the story.


The Quidditch Match

Just some Hermione thoughts Note: THIS IS A PARODY and FANFICTION. I do not own any images, gifs, or characters used in this work. Visuals go to Warner Bros and characters go to the author, JK Rowlin ...